What is culture? It is a feeling, a sense of place, a belief in something greater than yourself. At Vanst we believe having a supportive, positive, and respectful culture is imperative. Our core values shape and influence our culture. These values are:


Every attorney must believe they are worthy and understand their worth. We know how the traditional law firm model can grind attorneys down and make them feel worthless. At Vanst, our attorneys are built up and empowered. Attorneys are not only paid what they are worth, but also told, and shown, that they are worthy humans that can live a meaningful life while practicing law. No slaving away on the weekend with little reward; face time in the office to show you are working hard; or answering your emails after working hours because firm leadership expects it. At Vanst you are treated like the professional you are.


You didn’t arrive at work one day with a book of business. You worked hard over many years to hone your legal skills, help your clients make hard decisions, and networked to develop business. You are a leader. Whether you lead as an expert in your practice area, or as a community member who gives back, you have strong leadership skills. You are an independent, analytical thinker that clients, and community, can rely on. Your reputation proceeds you. Vanst is a leader too. And it encourages leaders like you to thrive. Vanst will help make your leadership skills even stronger with seminars and business development tools that will let you take your practice, and your life, to the next level.


Everything we do at Vanst is transparent and true to our word. Your word is your bond. Being truthful with your clients, fellow attorneys, and yourself is paramount. We look for attorneys who have a reputation of communicating honestly and transparently, even when it is hard. We know traditional law firm jobs can make you wonder if integrity still exists in the world. And we can assure you, at Vanst it does. You will quickly understand that what you see, is what you get at Vanst. No income distribution side deals, no confusion about what procedures apply to whom, no misunderstanding the formula. At Vanst all are treated equally, with integrity and transparency. Vanst supports its attorneys and believes that happy attorneys, make happy clients.