Now Hiring: Partner at Vanst Law

Vanst Law is the first women-owned virtual law firm in San Diego. Vanst Law opened its virtual doors in September, 2018. At our modern law firm, all attorneys are partners with their own book of business. There is no centralized office, which significantly cuts down overhead costs. Attorneys can work from home, shared office space, or sublease space. At Vanst, attorneys take home 70 percent of what they collect from clients, compared to the traditional 30 – 50 percent attorneys are paid at traditional firms. Vanst uses technology to efficiently provide services and create a culture of collaboration and support. At Vanst attorneys are treated equitably, paid what they are worth, and work in a culture that empowers them to do what they do best: practice exceptional law.

Vanst is hiring outstanding attorneys in the following areas: litigation, intellectual property, trademark, trust and estates, land use, corporate, real estate, and corporate immigration.


1. Minimum $250,000 transportable book of business;

2. At least seven years of experience in practice area;

3. California Bar License;

4. The understanding that you are worth more, and should be treated better, than what you are currently experiencing;

5. An entrepreneurial spirit that compels you to work smarter, not harder;

6. The belief that attorneys should be paid and treated equitably and transparently;

7. The desire to exist in a culture that supports, assists, and celebrates your fellow attorneys’ successes;

8. Excellent interpersonal skills paired with a love of the law; and

9. A positive attitude.

Please fill out our New Partner Candidate Questionnaire. For additional questions contact our

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